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2P!England's by HetaliaFan14 2P!England's :iconhetaliafan14:HetaliaFan14 13 2
2P!America X Reader :Mirrored World: Part 1
You were being chased by a man you had never seen before. Although whenever you looked at him you felt you should stop it felt like he was your ally, you could trust him. That couldn't be for a man you had never met before though. You kept running turning down roads and dark alleyways till you saw a building that had it's door open you went in there. It was a warehouse dark and full of boxes and what seemed to be props for a movie. Hearing the mans foot prints approaching fast you ducked behind a group of boxes that were pilled high.  The man was in the building soon enough. He stopped in the middle of the room and you managed to get a good look at him. He had brown or maybe red hair, tan skin, and red eyes that pierced through the darkness. He had sunglasses too but they were on top of his head, he wore a dirty white shirt, a bomber jacket, and a pair of jeans.
"(F/N), you bitch get out here!"
You quivered at the sound of his voice. Barely a moment later after calling for you to get o
:iconhetaliafan14:HetaliaFan14 66 12
2P!Italy X Reader Left, Room
You went in the room
That’s a crazy thought (f/n) why would you jump from a window, the room will keep you safer. You entered and saw a green room with a refined wood dresser, a wooden bed with green blankets to match the wall, and a old TV. Closing the door you went to admired the woodwork .Then footsteps that sounded as if they were heading up the stairs brought you out of it.
 “ Where can I hide, Where?!” You thought mad at yourself for not thinking beforehand.
 The door swung open showing an angry Italian. “ Bella, Why must you run from me?”
“ Because you’re crazy and Killed Feliciano!” You yelled at him with a bitter voice.
“ I didn’t kill him; yet,” He grinned “ I thought I’d let you have the honor of watching since last time you got knocked out somehow."
:iconhetaliafan14:HetaliaFan14 67 29
2P!Italy X Reader Window
You ran up and wound up with 2 options hoping out a window or hiding in a room.
You hopped out the window with all your might to shatter the glass. Only after did you realize had bad this fall would be, it was 7 stories you had went before you hit the ground. It was grass but something was irritatingly painful about it. The grass wasn’t real but 2-5 inch pins that were stabbing you all over, causing you to slowly bleed out to death. The last image you saw was Feli2 looking at you outside the window, while smiling his odd grin a single tear fell from his face landing on yours. Suddenly there was an unbearable pain in your heart, lungs, and brain causing you to cringe and finally then you died.
:iconhetaliafan14:HetaliaFan14 26 17
2P!Italy X Reader Left
“I write with my left hand so I guess I’ll go that way’ you quickly thought as you went left.
When you turned left, there was a set a circle winding stairs leading up to what could be freedom.   You ran up and wound up with 2 options hoping out a window or hiding in a room. You (hopped out window or went in room.)
:iconhetaliafan14:HetaliaFan14 32 5
2P!Italy X Reader Right :PREVIEW:
((I decided I'd let the people who read this get a preview since it hasn't been updated in so long, I take suggestions if you have any))
“I write with my right hand so I guess I’ll go that way’ you quickly thought as you went right.
  As you turned right you saw another hallway with 2 doors on each side. ‘Which door should I go through, any one could lead out. You went in the closest one on the left since it’s good to mix it up every once and awhile. It turned out to be another bedroom that looked exactly like yours except messier like their was a fight and the bed was blue and gold. You close the door softly behind and thought of where you should hide. You suddenly get pulled on your leg to the closet that’s surprisingly
:iconhetaliafan14:HetaliaFan14 36 36
Hetalia RP collab by HetaliaFan14 Hetalia RP collab :iconhetaliafan14:HetaliaFan14 2 0
2P!Italy X reader (Don't) Follow pt.2
 You heard a knock on the door as it opened.
_______________________________________________________________________  A man walked in. He looked about 5’ 6” his violet red eyes hidden beneath dark brown hair, similar to Feli’s. His clothes were tan similar to what Romano or Antonio would wear. Your eyes widen at the dark red blotches on his uniform
“Did you sleep well, Bella?” his deep voice carrying in the room.
“ Who are you?” you asked angry and confused. 
“ I’m Feliciano, don’t you remember all our happy memories together.” Feli2 said as he smirked. You shook your head, as you started to back away, still confused as to who he was. 
“ You’re not Feliciano!” you shouted as you reached around frantically for your phone.
“It’s no
:iconhetaliafan14:HetaliaFan14 71 19
2P!Italy X Reader Follow pt.1
                           READ THIS FIRST 
  You followed, a mix of curiosity and worry for Feli clouding your mind as you chased the trail. The further you went the darker it got. You blinked into the darkness it was getting harder to see the blood. Suddenly you hit a wall like object. Your eyes looked up to see a man about 5’ 6”, with dark brown hair with a curl just like Feliciano’s.  He had bright violet red eyes, and wore a light brown uniform like Romano’s or Antonio’s. Behind you saw Feliciano lying unconscious.
:iconhetaliafan14:HetaliaFan14 67 17
Germany Mochi by HetaliaFan14 Germany Mochi :iconhetaliafan14:HetaliaFan14 4 1
2P!Italy X Reader Don't Follow pt.1
Read this First
___________________________________________________________________________You looked around the alley for a bit but you were to afraid of what might of happened if you followed. You left the alley and headed for the hospital to see if he was there somehow. 
                                    -To the Hospital you go-
 "Excuse me nurse do you have anyone under the name of Feliciano Vargas here?" you asked the nurse at the front counter.
The nurse checks the list of patients they have. 
"I'm sorry love, we don't have anyone here under the name of Feliciano Vargas, Miss. (Last Name)." He said.
"Will you double check please... Mr.Kirkland."  You begg
:iconhetaliafan14:HetaliaFan14 36 13
2P!Italy X Reader Opening
You were walking home from work. When you suddenly heard a scream, It sound like your friend Feliciano. So you ran in the direction it came from. And you saw your friend Feliciano lying on the ground in a alley with a puddle of blood around him growing in size.He looked badly hurt so you tried to help him but he smacked at your hand and said "Run (f/n)!".
"No, how did this happen?" 
He pointed behind you and you heard a laugh that sound a lot like Feliciano but deeper and less cheerful. You turned around to see and nobody was there. Which seemed rather odd. But you decided not to worry about it and help Feliciano again. But when you turned around he was gone from his spot, leaving a puddle of blood extending towards your feet there were also drips going further down the alley. Will you follow it?
:iconhetaliafan14:HetaliaFan14 57 23
Hello by HetaliaFan14 Hello :iconhetaliafan14:HetaliaFan14 1 0 Flowers 2 by HetaliaFan14 Flowers 2 :iconhetaliafan14:HetaliaFan14 3 1 Flowers by HetaliaFan14 Flowers :iconhetaliafan14:HetaliaFan14 7 0


!!Important Upcoming Stuff!!
Whoaaaa!!! It's 2014 and TaiyouCon is over and the AZ Matsuri is just around the corner!!! How cool is that, the year is moving by so fast, it feels like 2013's PCC was just yesterday!! Alrighty, well, we've got some super cool stuff coming up so lets do this!!!!
Let's start off with the Matsuri!!
:bulletblack:This is the official site for it, all of the information on when, where, and what is here!!
Where:Heritage and Science Park:
115 North 6th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004
When:February 22nd - 23rd, Officially starts at 9-10am, not at all important you come that early since it is a festival and there is something going on all day no matter when you show up.
What:It's a Japanese Cultural Festival! This is a very very big deal (and i know this is a hetalia group but i know some of you all dont JUST cosplay hetalia) and this whole post here is very important:
:iconbakanosekai-cosplay:BakaNoSekai-Cosplay 1 8
blehhh by ramuramu blehhh :iconramuramu:ramuramu 1,040 104 Blue by Cel-C Blue :iconcel-c:Cel-C 31 4
The Definition of FUN 3
Girl-of-Action/DawnFire101 - Ah, I'm sorry for the long wait guys! As I said, I get pretty freaked out when writing anything involving romance and it takes a lot of inspiration to overcome it. I did make this chapter extra, extra long to make up for it though.
Also, I'm not gonna name names here (you know who you are) but someone told me that 'it can be all types of cheesy and corny because cheese and corn are good for you.' I hope the rest of you feel the same way as the mystery person. ^-^ Enjoy!
Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia or any of the 2P characters. And in since I don't own you, the only things I really have is the plot line and Allison. I own so little! Please don't steal it. :)
Warnings: Nothing really for this chapter, except some hints of 2PGerIta.
     Sighing, you instead say to your cousin, "No where special, just looking around."
     Not even considering the possibility of questioning you further, Allison pulls you fo
:icondawnfire101:DawnFire101 15 2
Cherry Blood/ Trickster!Karkat by KidCoca Cherry Blood/ Trickster!Karkat :iconkidcoca:KidCoca 102 22 iwatobi swimming club - nagisa hazuki by courbeause iwatobi swimming club - nagisa hazuki :iconcourbeause:courbeause 16 9 (even more) roxy by courbeause (even more) roxy :iconcourbeause:courbeause 28 24 Pewdiepie Motivational poster by Averageon Pewdiepie Motivational poster :iconaverageon:Averageon 141 33 Rose-Homestuck by stealthyninja664 Rose-Homestuck :iconstealthyninja664:stealthyninja664 11 0 Nya by zombiegoesBOOM Nya :iconzombiegoesboom:zombiegoesBOOM 5 0 Bred-n-bu-er by Sheharzad-Arshad Bred-n-bu-er :iconsheharzad-arshad:Sheharzad-Arshad 11,038 1,034 Ao's Paw by Cel-C Ao's Paw :iconcel-c:Cel-C 54 20 Switch Around Meme: Inuyasha by Cel-C Switch Around Meme: Inuyasha :iconcel-c:Cel-C 14 11 Punk Limon by Cel-C Punk Limon :iconcel-c:Cel-C 23 5
Peek-Da-Boo, HE SEES YOU... ALWAYS...


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